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Secondary Schools and 6th Form

Our Approach

When it comes to secondary schools and 6th forms we have one goal; to provide choice, choice and even more choice!

That's exactly what we provide our older students; from hot meals and daily pasta dishes, to freshly made sandwiches and grab and go treats we guarantee to always have something on our menu to satisfy their taste buds.

Our food development team is always working on new menu items to keep menus feeling exciting and diverse, and of course, bursting with flavour!

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009 May 19 - Secondary - Spanish Festiva
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001 September 19 - Secondary - Caribbean
004 December 19 - Secondary - Christmas.
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To ensure we provide maximum choice to our students, our wide ranging menu is coupled with our deli menu. Our deli range is complete with a whole host of sandwiches, pizzas, hot wraps and more. For maximum inclusivity we also provide a great selection of vegetarian and vegan options alongside the vegetarian main meal.

Our globally inspired theme day calendar is released at the beginning of each school year giving students something to always look forward to. Some of the immensely popular theme days include:

  • Diwali

  • Spanish Festival

  • Christmas

  • Earth Day

  • Caribbean Day and more!

Our Flavours

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