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Primary Schools

Our Approach

We are committed to making lunch times fun and exciting for our youngest customers.

We know they deserve nothing but the best, so we ensure pupils have a balanced meal intake. We incorporate vegetables into all our main meals with the belief that the flavours imparted from our freshly prepared food will encourage pupils to make healthier food choices both in and outside of school.

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010 June 19 - Primary - Earth Day.jpg
006 February 19 - Primary - At The Movie
005 January 19 - Primary - Chinese New Y
011 July 19 - Primary - The Great Britis
007 March 19 - Primary - World Book Day.
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As well as our globally inspired menu, we host a number of international theme days; these consider seasonal produce, current trends and new innovations aimed to help educate pupils on global cultural celebrations.

We release our annual theme day calendar at the beginning of each school year giving pupils something to always look forward to. Some of the immensely popular theme days include:

  • Chinese New Year

  • At The Movies

  • World Book Day

  • Earth Day

  • The Great British BBQ and more!

Our Flavours

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Our Mascots

Our mascots are a key cog in the WilsonJones team!


Meet Andy Apple, our number one advocate for healthy eating. Andy visits all our schools and promotes the development of healthy eating habits amongst pupils.

His best friends Eco Eddy and Farmer Fern are always on hand to help encourage sustainability, environmental protection and educate pupils more about where their food comes from and how it makes its way from farm to fork!

2017-09-04  - Reduce Recycle Reuse Prima
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